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Physiotherapy, medical gymnastics, massage, taping

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Physiotherapy center in Valmiera


Physiotherapist consultations, medical gymnastics, sports massage, taping.

Physiotherapy is intended for health promotion and strengthening, prevention of illnesses.

Physiotherapists help to:
   prevent and reduce movement disorders, pain, edema; 
   recover from various types of injuries and operations; 
   Physiotherapist will recommend a suitable level of physical activity especially for you..

Physiotherapy for infants and children

Physiotherapist consultations and activities for babies and children, using different methods - handling, Bobath method.

Promotes a harmonious development of babies.

   Handling – to correctly hold and interact with the baby.
   Bobath method – normalizes muscle tone, promotes baby's motor and emotional development.

Medical gymnastics

   Individually and in groups of up to 5 people, to accurately perform exercises and achieve the desired result.
   Exercises of different intensity - adjusted individually. One of the best ways to resume physical activity after a long break.
   Intended for adults and children - improves posture, balance and coordination, reduces pain in a certain part of the body, improves physical fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance.


Taping is a very popular, effective method for relieving pain in muscles and joints, and for decreasing lymphatic edema.

Ergonomic consultations

Gymnastics at the workplace.

   Advises and helps to determine the correct layout of the workplace – the sitting position and the distance to various devices (computer, monitor), so that there is no headache, fatigue, back pain and tingling after a prolonged work by the computer. 
   A simple exercise complex will be offered to relieve your shoulders, back and stiffness.


Masāža ir terapijas veids, kas stiprina imunitāti, mazina stresu, aktivizē vielmaiņu, palīdz atveseļoties pēc traumām, pārslodzes.

We offer:
   Medical back 
   Classic body 
   Hand massage,
   Leg massage,
   Foot reflexology 
   Collar zone massage.

New – Massage for pregnant women.

Trainings under the supervision of a sports coach

   Trainings are led by physiotherapists and sports trainers.
   Low, medium and high intensity exercises and trainings under the supervision of a physiotherapist – coach individually and in groups to maintain a good athletic form and physical fitness.

ALA[K]RIS offers physiotherapy, kinesiology taping, medical gymnastics, medical and classic massage.



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Address: Cēsu iela19, Valmiera, LV-4201

Physiotherapist, gymnastics: +371 29 374 517
Massage: +371 29 374 587
+371 29 638 832

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Working days: 9.00–18.00
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Legal address: Rubenes iela 22, Valmiera, LV-
Reg. Nr.: 54103110311   
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